New Grass Lawn for your Thai Garden

Maybe you own a home in Thailand that you haven't visited for a while, or you've just bought a property that is in need of garden landscaping.

thai gardener

In this example, an expat homeowner contacted Thai Garden Design, as their home had overgrown to such an extent it was hard to get to the house, let alone enjoy the rest of the garden space.

landscape design pattaya

The owner wanted to take the garden back to a simple grass lawn, no planting, no trees, just grass. All the existing undergrowth and trees were to be completely removed from the landscape.

landscaped garden pattaya thailand

The Pornchai Garden team took the garden back to the bare soil. All vegetation, including several large established trees, were uprooted and removed without trace. The earth was flattened and the soil was cleaned and treated for weeds.

grass in pattaya thailand

When the soil was prepared the new grass was laid.

grass lawn design and installation thai

Leaving the homeowner with a nice, new, flat lawn, and with guidance on maintaining and keeping the grass in optimum condition for the future.

If you have an overgrown garden in Thailand, contact [email protected]. We have the skills to give you back your garden space.

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