New Tiled & Sandwash Pond for B.Grimm Group

B.Grimm were one of the first European companies to do business in Thailand back in 1878, when German pharmacist Bernhard Grimm and his Austrian partner, Erwin Mueller, opened a chemist’s shop, the Siam Dispensary. The dispensary was one of the earliest incorporated businesses in the country; it prospered and actually became appointed official pharmacist to the Thai royal family.

thailand pond construction

The B.Grimm Group recently began developing a recreational area at the front of their large headquarters in Bangkok, changing it from a largely unusable space into somewhere workers and friends of the business can sit, relax and unwind. The Group contacted Thai Garden Design to develop and install a large rectangular pond to be at the centre of the new recreational area.

garden ponds in thailand

The pond is a good size, measuring 7 metres in length. It is fitted with a submersible pump which drives the three fountains, easily  adaptable to give more / less water flow. The rest of the landscape is in the process of being installed.

pond in bangkok

The pond is finished with silver grey sandwash edges, and a slate grey tiled interior, ensuring the pond will age well and look good for many years to come.

pond fountains thailand

Although the rest of the landscape is yet to be installed, the new pond sits at the heart of the proposed area and sets the tone for the rest of the development, ensuring the area will always be a welcome place to ‘chill out’.

To see a short video of the pond in action, click the youtube link below.

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2 thoughts on “New Tiled & Sandwash Pond for B.Grimm Group”

  1. Now that’s a transformation. I love the concept of the pond with 3 fountains. Will you guys be placing flowers around it? And if ever, what kinds?

  2. The idea of having a pond is really amazing, and using pump that is powerful enough to circulate the water will help the pond to stay clear and clean. Good job!!!

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