Design your Bangkok Balcony Garden with Thai Garden Design …

Thai Garden Design have designed, and installed, hundred of tropical balcony's within Bangkok and Thailand. 

bangkok balcony landscapes

If you want help with your balcony, Thai Garden Design will visit, measure and create a unique balcony design, showing all elements, including planters, plants, decking, grass (both real and artificial), water features, statues and garden art, sprinkler systems ….. just about anything you might require can be included within your unique balcony plan.

bangkok balcony designs

Once we have a final plan in place, everything will be costed and budgets agreed. Then, the team visit and install everything within the plan. Easy.

balcony garden designs thailand

For a full, hassle free and seamless balcony design and installation, you're in the right place… Contact Thai Garden Design for a chat

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Let us help you to decorate your Thai garden. Browse some of our wonderful Thai garden features here.



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Garden Art

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