Tropical Landscape Models Completed for Myanmar Resort

A selection of tropical bungalows and villas were recently completed for a client based in Myanmar; the company are looking to sell pool villas and holiday homes near to Yangoon in a vast coastal development. They approached Thai Garden Design to handle the model build, which includes 5 different types of pool villa.

tropical villa landscape model

Each model consists of unique features, random rock formations, sloping, room sizes, people and plants, making the presentation and selling of the real houses much easier for the sales team. All models were created in Thailand, and packed and shipped to the client in Yangoon. At all times the client was updated with progress pictures, with constant feedback and required changes. 

landscape models tropical villa

In total the models took around 12 weeks to build (collection of 9 models). The client was ecstatic with the investment. His sales team now had something material they could use to display, rather than relying on colour images and photos. 

myanmar resort models thai garden design

As can be seen, the workmanship of the Thai Garden Design model team is faultless. All we need are CAD drawing, perspective drawings and measurements in order to bring your designs to life. We can make houses, villas, condo's, hotel buildings and even entire coastlines and islands. Everything is possible! Contact Thai Garden Design today to discuss your architectural model requirements …

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