Decorating your Small Garden Spaces in Bangkok

There is the potential for having an attractive garden area in all spaces, no matter how small. The owner of this front garden terrace knew she wanted to improve it, but just didn't know what materials to use, or which plants could survive.

small terrace rock garden bangkok

So she did the right thing…. She contacted Thai Garden Design, and within two days of agreement on budget, her terrace was transformed from an unnoticeable nook, to a lively, colourful, inviting garden space.

garden services thailand

Bamboo now conceals the unsightly utilities, and a water feature is trickles away in this quiet corner of Bangkok (inviting good luck into the home, as some believe!). A nice plant selection adds lots of nice colours, and some rocks, wooden logs and subtle ornaments really capture the imagination of those who stroll past.

landscaping ideas bangkok

So, no matter how small your garden nook, whether it is your house, business or something else, contact Thai Garden Design for low maintenance, inspired garden ideas and installations.

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