Wood Decking and Pergola for Bangkok Garden

This latest garden transformation occured when Thai Garden Design were contacted by a Bangkok Expat residing in the Minburi area of Thailand’s bustling capital. The owner described how he wanted to have a backyard space that he could use and enjoy. Although the house had a tiled terrace, it wasn’t very appealing and the sun exposure was quite heavy. The team got to work with suggestions and designs.

thailand gardens

building wooden deck and pergola bangkok(picture left: the carpenters of the Thai Garden Design team get to work installing the new hardwood deck over the top of the existing tiled terrace, which provided them a good foundation).

The deck was to be constructed over the top of the existing terrace, up to the level of the living room floor, so transitioning from the living to the garden was made especially easy. A pergola, constructed from the same wood was to be built over the terrace, following the challenging shape of the back of the house. The Thai Garden Design team includes carpentry and building specialists, who were able to advise and oversee the construction of these tricky areas.

The wooden deck and pergola were only one part of the new back garden plan (see garden album pictures here).

wooden pergola and hardwood decking thailand

(picture above: the deck and pergola are almost completed, with a large step added for easy transition down into the garden).

pergola bangkok design and install

The new outdoor deck and pergola offer the house owners a great place to relax both during the day and evenings. Electric fans and lights were added and to the owners specifications. Access to and from the house are seamless, and the pergola offers up protection from the overhead sun. If you have a garden and would like to employ specialists at garden design and construction in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design for a chat about your requirements and ideas.

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