Water Feature for Bangkok Garden

Following on from the pergola and deck post for the Bangkok back garden, another essential part of the garden design was a new water feature. The owner supplied pictures of what he wanted, and the team began.

bangkok garden design

(picture above: the water feature under construction). At first the feature was piled, the walls were built and the structure rendered in concrete. Pictures of the rest of the garden plan.

professional water features for thais

In the final part of the construction, the team built the brick facade of the water wall, complete with ascending water spouts, and put into place all the pumps and electrical requirements required to bring the feature 'to life'. Sides were also constructed, and sandwashed in a dark colour.

gardening thailand

If you have any interesting and unique ideas for your garden in Thailand, and you would like them to come to fruition in a efficient and timely manner, then contact Thai Garden Design for a friendly consultation about your requirements.

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