Boat Lily / Moses in a Boat – Rhoeo spathacea

This short, spikey-leaved plant is being seen more commonly throughout tropical and urban gardens in Bangkok and beyond as a useful ground cover or edging plant, mainly due to it’s overall toughness, low maintenance properties and ability to spread rapidly in multiple light conditions.

Moses in a cradle rhoeo

Originating from Central America, its stiff, reddish purple, boat-shaped leaves have white flowers appearing between them, giving the Rhoeo it’s nickname ‘Moses in a Boat’ or ‘Moses in a Cradle’. It is an attractive, versatile foliage plant, even though the plant itself is quite poisonous, and can cause minor skin irritations if rubbed or touched, and should not be ingested. It is also widely used as a houseplant or for interiors where there is good lighting.

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