Custom Made Green Wall for Bangkok Balcony

The Thai Garden Design team were approached by a well known interior design company in Bangkok. They had a customer completing a renovation on a new apartment, and part of the transformation was to include a custom made green wall for one wall of the balcony. Pictures were swapped and discussed to create the ideal planting list, and the wall was measured, and a date booked for installation.

bangkok landscaping green walls

The team also took advantage of a tap on the wall. They removed the single fitting and replaced with a double tap. One was then fitted with a timer, and a network of sprinkler tubes were linked to the pots that were to house the plants. Every morning at 7am the timer switches on and the plants are watered for 2 minutes.

tropical plant designs

The green wall now dominates the space. The entire wall is covered and can be easily maintained at all times. The plant selection can also be amended easily when required. A custom made tropical green wall, that can employed in any space. If you are in the market for professional landscaping and creative, hassle free installations, you've found us. Contact us for more information

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