Designed Rock Garden (with Teak Deck Rescue)…

The Thai Garden Design team just completed this interesting job in the Chatuchak area of Bangkok. The owner had previous problems with a landscaping contractor who had walked out of the job and left it only 70% finished. The job included several aspects, the two main ones being the completion of a designed rock garden (with specific requirements for the pavers) and the rescue of a teak decking, which needed to be partially rebuilt and with lights installed on the risers. ** Read the Customers (Tanabe) Testimonial Here **

designed paver and rock garden bangkok

The entire entrance garden (above picture) had to have all the existing pebbles removed, so that a decent anti weed landscaping material could be laid across all sections of the garden, on top of a new sand layer. Then new stones of similar size and colour were spread across, giving a pleasing aesthetic look (above picture). New lights were also installed professionally and linked to the existing switches in a specific configuration.

teak decking bangkok

The previous contractor had left the decking 70% completed, with loose boards and large gaps which exposed the metal support frame beneath. The Thai Garden Design team re-sanded all and installed risers, concealing the support frame, approved lights with the owner and installed these as required, plus painted the deck to match the existing deck areas around the house. The new decking is a real sight to behold and a great welcoming / entrance feature for all those who visit the house.

designed modern rock and paver garden thailand

The finished garden really showed the intention of the owner, welcoming, aesthetically designed, easy on the eye and as attractive during the evening as in the daytime. A modern, easy to maintain landscape, befitting of the home. If you need assistance with your garden landscape in Thailand, you’ve found us! Contact Thai Garden Design for more information. ** Read the Customers (Tanabe) Testimonial Here **

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