Planted Wall / Vertical Garden Wall for Bangkok Condo

The Thai Garden Design team recently finished this vertical planted wall at a modern condo in the heart of Bangkok. The previous wooden trellis had seen better days, so was removed completely. A fitted metal frame was installed, along with a selection of tropical plants, suited to the light levels, and a sprinkler timer was attached to the nearby tap.

green wall bangkok

The new planted wall has transformed the balcony, and is now a great feature, and talking point. It is also easy to change the plants to give different looks with varied foliage and colours. The sprinkler system automatically turns itself on for 2 minutes, every morning, meaning maintenance is easier. 

vertical garden for bangkok condo

So if you want to transform a section, wall or part of your Thai garden, a vertical garden wall might be the way to go! Contact Thai Garden Design for more information.

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