Koi Pond Terrace, with Teak Bench and Pergola

Have a look at this latest project being undertaken by the Thai Garden Design team. The home owner wanted to extend his home into the garden space, creating a seamless transition between home and garden.

koi pond terrace bangkok

Located at the centre of the home, the idea was to construct an inviting and modern koi pond terrace that would serve as an amazing place to have family time and spend time with guests.

modern gardens thailand

Working closely with the owner, the team built this 1.50m depth koi pond, with long piles (21m), slate stone low waterwall, green wall and with succulent plants around the outer edges. The pond has an underwater lighting system, modern skimmer and koi pond filtration unit, and air jets on all sides meaning circulation is at its optimum day and night.

thai landscaping and pond

Stepping away from the terrace, the team also constructed this high standing teak pergola. This offers up lots of shade for the surrounding area, and looks great and matches well with the teak bench and columns.

garden pond designs bangkok

The bench offers a great place to sit and watch the fish. In the far background in the picture above, you can see the team also installed fence posts (all in teak) to increase beauty and privacy within this family home.

koi pond terrace thailand

Another unique installation by the Thai Garden Design team. If you want a special garden and reside in Thailand, contact the team here.

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