Hardwood Pergola for Exclusive Resort in Rayong

The Thai Garden Design team recently designed and installed this 55 meter length tropical hardwood pergola for a top class, exclusive resort in Rayong. In order to create a link between the resort buildings and it's kitchen garden, the management at the resort were keen to install an attractive walkway, in what was otherwise a fairly bland space.

pergola walkway thailand resort

The ornamental look fits perfectly with the resort's own unique Thai style, and upon finishing the Thai Garden Design team will plant a mix of fast growing tropical vines and grape plants, so the resort can supply its own produce to residents. 

ornamental pergola thailand

With several coatings of high penetrating teak oil, this ornamental pergola will remain an eye catching talking point for all customers to the resort for a very long time, and in time more so when the creeper vines grow and flourish across the top of the structure. 

hardwood tropical pergola

If you want professional advice and installation within your garden, resort or hotel landscape, balcony, roof garden or commercial property, look no further, contact ben@thaigardendesign for more information. 

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