Raised Redwood Deck and Tropical Garden

A couple recently purchased this home on a new development close to the airport. The garden installed by the developer, across all the homes, is the same, grass lawn…. and little else. The owners wanted to extend their living space into the garden, and with privacy, which was a challenge given the size of the space.

decking bangkok thailand

Working with the owner on the design specifications, the team constructed this attractive redwood decking, using galvanized stirrups, designed to hold the timber joists at the current level of the house terrace (picture above). All deck wood was painted with a high penetrating teak oil, giving it a lovely finish. The team advised on planting around the front and sides of the house, so that when outside the couple could enjoy improved privacy.

tropical thai garden deck

Large trees were installed as part of the design, as well as mid height and tropical ground covers, to shift completely away from the zero design garden that came with the house purchase.

thai landscaping

The back and sides of the home (also plain grass to start with) were also transformed. The Thai Garden Design team cemented in straight brick edging, and used high quality anti-weed fabric before installing a clean pathway of river pebbles and concrete pavers. On the planting side, a mix of low maintenance tropical plants, plus a herb garden at the back of the house.

modern tropical garden bangkok

Two interesting clay globes were sourced and used as water features, with mood lighting, all connected close to the deck so easy for the owners to switch on / off. They can now enjoy a gentle water trickle sound as they sit outside, and enjoy their new garden. If you need help transforming your boring Thai garden, you’ve found us! Contact the team at Thai Garden Design for a chat about your tropical garden requirements …

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