Split Level Tropical Garden and Jacuzzi Sala …

The Thai Garden Design team just finished this split level garden design and sala build for a Hua Hin expat who had become unhappy with his garden. The house benefited from an attractive pool and pool terrace, but the rest of the garden lay unused. Towards the back of the plot the gradient was quite steep. The home owners idea was to create a split level design that effectively raised the side and back portion of the garden approximately 1.0m high, with a series of concrete steps leading up to the top level.

split level tropical garden thailand

This meant that they were able to use this part of the garden, and so the team also constructed a sala, with similar roof tiles to the surrounding houses, and with drainpipes ensuring excess water during rain didn't fall onto the street (stipulated by the management of the housing estate).Inside, a tiled concrete pad would become home to a large jacuzzi.

landscape designs hua hin

Once the concrete wall was constructed around the outside of the garden, the areas were then backfilled with earth, and grassed. Finally the wall was painted, and rock work and tropical plants were selected and installed to finish this new look garden.

thailand sala designs

Unique, usable, and a joy to behold. If you need help with your garden in Thailand, contact us here.

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