Thai Garden Design Create and Install CHI ULTRA LOUNGE Landscape ….

The Team at Thai Garden Design just completed this new landscape for the CHI ULTRA LOUNGE newly opening on Sukhumvit Soi 13. Previously the 'Bed Super Club' on Sukhumvit 11. To begin, the site was just a building site (see below).

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The team worked on several landscape design proposals for the management, who like any developing creative concept, changed and adapted over time. The final plan consisted of a 300 sqm driveway stroke car park, to service the club. However, a distinctive tropical theme was always at the heart of the design.

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Picture above: A large Dracaena loureiri and sago palm offer a low maintenance tropical theme, against an attractive stone wall that runs the length of the Chi Ultra Lounge landscape.

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One of the challenges of the installation was a long, unsightly row of dilapidated town house buildings, directly facing the main building and the car park. Obviously this needed to be screen off, so the team installed 4 m tall bamboo along the 25 m length of the plot. This worked well and will only get thicker and fuller as time progresses. The back of the car park is decorated with large coconuts and phoenix palms, complete with up-lighting to really great effect during evening hours.

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Along the front of the property, the team constructed a retaining wall, and filled the landscape with earth to raise it to correct building standards. Sandwash steps lead to a side entrance for staff of the CHI ULTRA LOUNGE. This is completed in fine gravel and pavers, to give a modern finish.

garden designs bangkok thailand

So there you have it. Another successful project and partnership, completed on time and within budget. If you own a business in Thailand and need professional help with the landscaping, contact Thai Garden Design for more information on design and installation.

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