Swarovski Bangkok install new Tropical Roof Garden (in partnership with Thai Garden Design)

Swarovski, the Austrian based producers of luxury jewelry products, recently contact the Thai Garden Design team to help them with an urgent job. They were due to have a visit from VIP's from abroad, and needed to drastically improve their roof terrace garden, which had remained a little neglected. The team visited and made recommendations, which we accepted by the management team at the Bangkok head office. The team were set to improve the roof gardens, in time for the important visit.

modern roof terrace garden bangkok

(Picture above: A new look 'office style' roof garden). The previous garden was decorated with very tired looking plants, old design, and aging planters that really helped to bring down the overall view. The team made some simple changes, with additional plants, new compost and stones, drastically improved planters and creative use of space, to make the most of the dramatic views over central Bangkok.

tropical roof garden

(Picture above: A sad story for a roof terrace garden, not enough to impress VIP visitors). The new garden is a nice place to spend time, and show guests. A modern, tropical roof garden, easy om the eye, means that this space is now a good place to 'show off'. And why not, with these impressive views of the urban landscape.

modern office garden roof bangkok

Another successful partnership with the Thai Garden Design team. If you need help with your garden, roof terrace, balcony or office landscape, you've found us… Contact the team today to get the ball rolling.

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