Waterfall Garden and Stream for Ubon Home

The landscaping team at Thai Garden Design recently re-designed and installed this stream and waterfall pond at a newly built home in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. The previous garden was plain jane, as left by the company that had constructed the house. The owner wanted something with a little more 'character'.

stream garden in thailand

The stream runs the whole length of one side of the plot, approximately 20 meters, with embedded rocks, planting, pavers and pebblestones running alongside to give the stream a nice and natural look. Airjets within the body of the pond help to keep the water circulating, as does the waterfall which is positioned at the front of the house.

artificial waterfall and stream thailand ubon ratchathani

A selection of pavers, including artificial sleepers, rectangular and circular coloured concrete pavers add interest as well as a comprehensive planting list, which was fully designed and agreed before the team moved in. All plants are planted as suited to their location, and are 'low maintenance' and will grow and flourish moreso over time.

natural waterfall design ubon ratchathani

This transformed landscape now offers lots of vibrant colour, foliage variety and the natural noise of flowing water. Lighting and switches for the pond set up were installed at an easily accessed location. The water body is also an ideal place to keep fish, and also is a natural attraction for wildlife like tropical birds and butterflies.

stream and water garden thailand

The owner was very pleased with the final garden, which is unique to his own design. If you are interested in getting your garden designed and would like an original, landscaped garden, contact Thai Garden Design for help and more information.

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