Timber Decking and Modern Fish Pond (Bangkok)

A complete home renovation for an Expat couple living and working in Bangkok, including the garden… Having seen the Thai Garden Design Facebook page and collection of projects, a professional couple decided to contact Thai Garden Design for a new landscape design and quotation.

pond construction in bangkok

After a few weeks of design discussion and tweaks, work began. Part of this project was to build a large fish pond, under the shade of a large existing monkeypod tree. The pond itself was to measure 9.0 meters length, with a depth over 1.0 meter.

wooden deck construction in bangkok

A wooden deck was to be constructed adjoining a large staircase from the main home, with steps leading down, onto the decked area, which would extend over the ponds edge.

bangkok pond and timber deck

The team also needed to build the filter system underneath the decking, and make this accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

timber decking bangkok garden

A sloped concrete slab was laid as a foundation for the decking, and thick hardwood support posts were treated with anti-termite paint. All electrical was piped and laid into the concrete construction, and completed with the appropriate insultated wire.

modern bangkok ponds

Finally the pond pumps and filter medium were installed, the deck was stained in a colour favourable to the customer, and planting and pebblestones were used to further improve this new garden area.

tropical planting bangkok garden sala

(Picture above: An ornamental sala was part of the original garden design, and tropical planting on the other side of the decking, alongside the neighbouring wall). The owners can now enjoy a shaded pond landscape, with a deck large enough to entertain family and friends for dinner and play.

thai garden landscapes

New house, new garden. Thai Garden Design can help you to expand your home, into the garden. Contact Thai Garden Design for more information on how to design, and install your new dream garden in Thailand.

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