Reclaimed Wooden Decking for Pattaya Expat

The Thai Garden Design decking team recently revamped this large backyard timber pool deck at a home in Pratumnak, Pattaya. The owner had previously had a pool decking constructed, but it hadn't lasted long and had begun to break down.

old timber decking pattaya

The team advised on wood types, costs, installation methods and ways to improve the back yard in other areas. After completely removing the old decking, they got to work on the new decking.

wooden decking pattaya thailand

One of the major issues in the previous deck had been poor drainage. Underneath the deck, water had pooled and this has penetrated the wood. The team resurfaced parts of the floor with concrete, to efficiently move water away from the supporting wood.


The pool, surrounded by a tiled gold sandwash design, was beginning to look tired…. So the team built the decking right up to the pool edge, giving it a much more modern look and feel, and improving the overall look of the entire landscape. 

hardwood timber deck thailand

The wood type chosen was a popular hardwood called selangan batu, a well known Malaysian hardwood, which was reclaimed to help keep the cost down (brand new wood is more expensive). The wood was completely re-worked back to good as new.

modern landscaped garden thailand

Overall the decking job took just under two weeks (180 SQM).

thailand wooden decking company

The entire garden now has a completely new look, one far removed from the previous old garden. The deck runs right up to the patio doors of the house, ensuring access around the home and garden are seamless and easy. Termite protection was also added, as standard. Contact Thai Garden Design. 

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