Tropical Urban Thai Garden Plan

tropical urban garden plan

Key: (1) Rustic wooden gateway entrance into garden (2) A flagstone crazy patio inset into random stone, running alongside house and across the centre of the landscape. Tree seating beside the wooden sleeper walkway (3) Water pond, with sprinkler and koi carp, plus glazed pot water feature next to house (4) Pavillion or sala construction (5) Walkway leading to another section of garden or roadway. Spirit house is also present in a secluded section towards the west of the garden.

flagstone crazy paver This modern urban Thai tropical garden has a large collection of tropical plants, shrubs and trees. These all help to create shade and grab the attention of those within the garden landscape. A water pond and glazed pot feature are present on the south side of the garden to help draw people further into the lush wild undergrowth.

thai brick in grass paver The flagstone patio provides access to all areas of the landscape and creates a rustic and natural setting. This is an informal, natural style garden, very different from the modern and formal landscapes of the streets outside. 

thai sala design The sala in the southwest corner provides a substantial area for relaxation and for entertaining / dining. Set alongside the water and amongst the heavy planting, the garden will be desirable for those that want to create a usable, truly tropical setting.

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