Pebble Pathway Water Garden and Courtyard

garden design plan in 2d

Key: Sidedoor, pergola covered dining area and pebble and paver walkway / 2. Heavy side planting, treescape to protect privacy / 3. Walkway continues leading to larger courtyard area / 4. Courtyard, seating area, various water features / 5. Decked area for relaxation / 6. Back entrance to home.

thai eating area under pergola

This garden design is both stylish, rustic, and cost effective.

The main theme is constant, the pebble walkways throughout the layout help to keep the garden natural, colourful. The tropical planting and features throughout the walkway keep this garden interesting, with many arresting focal points, and numerous individual highlights.

The garden is also very practical.

stoney path garden design in thailand There are two main seating areas, the first sat next to the kitchen area and used for dining outside, covered with a hardwood pergola. Decking at the North West of the property also offers somewhere to step outside, relax, taking in the views of the courtyard.

Water pots and ornaments exist along the walkways, some hidden deep within the vegetation. These ornaments all follow a similar rustic theme and colour scheme, matching the landscape, and giving the garden consistancy.

water feature in thailand Heavy planting and treescape are a large part of the garden, taking advantage of Thailand's climate. Although essentially a low maintenance garden, regular work is required in order to keep the various water pots clean, and paths looking tidy..

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