Indoor Gardens in Thailand

A popular feature in many Thai hotels, resorts and office complexes, an indoor garden is a great way to freshen up the interior of any space.

thai indoor garden

indoor garden in thailand

In order to design and install a successful Thai indoor garden, certain considerations need to be met. Firstly, there needs to be enough light for the garden to thrive, as well as good levels of humidity and ventillation…

Lighting is very important. Certain plants do better in shade, so take a good look at the area in question, or seek advice on which plants will work best in your chosen area. For certain types of vegetation, fluorescent lights may be a requirement. Also, the most successful indoor gardens are situated within areas where there is little fluctuation in temperature.

Once installed, keep all the plants trimmed and clean, look out for any signs of mould of disease, and remove from the area if found. If you find evidence of pests, best to seek out and use a natural organic pesticide. If you are worried about attracting too many pests indoors, select plants that don't require too much watering or are naturally disease and pest resistant.

thailand indoor garden

For more information on installing an indoor garden, be it in a Thai hotel, resort or home, email

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