Construction of a Waterwall System

waterfall system on building in thailand

A popular theme park resort in Central Thailand are having improvements and landscaping work completed by Pornchai Garden. In this example, the entire face of a large building has been designed and built by the team to look and mimic a natural rockface, with water running down the front and sides of the building from the rooftop.

waterfall building in thailand

The Pornchai team have built a series of waterways on the roof. When the system is switched on, water is slowly pumped over the sides of the building to create the dramatic waterfall effect.

thai landscaping and construction design

The system is under the complete control of the resort owners. Once the water runs over the side, it is recirculated back to the top of the feature so the effect is continuous, and does not require extra or excess water.

Another successful design initiated and installed by the Pornchai Garden team.

Do you own a resort or are you planning a large landscaping project in Thailand? If you need assistance with any phase of the design, development or construction, talk to the experts at Pornchai Garden.

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