Thai Garden Tree Seating

tree seats in thai garden

natural thai garden furniture

The presence of tree seating with a garden is a great way to provide sturdy garden
furniture within a natural setting, whilst utilising the natural shade
provided by the tree.

Pornchai Garden were asked to design and build some original seating around the base of some trees situated within a large Thai courtyard. Initially, wooden barriers were erected to ensure that the new concrete patio that was
being laid remained separate from the ground soil around the trees.

thai tree seat construction

When the patio was completed, brick supports were built around the tree. These would form the base for the thick wooden sleepers, which would become the seats.

Once the sleepers were in position, they were heavily cemented in place to provide good strengh and durabilty to the structure. The brickwork was given a smooth surface, followed by a good lick of paint.

In the finish, the client is left with a robust and attractive tree garden seat, one that will stand firm for many years to come.

garden thailand tree seating

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