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thai rock garden rockery

thai rock garden A Thai rock garden, or rockery, is an excellent way to decorate an uneven or unattractive part of the garden and can be employed well in both large and small spaces. In the example above, you can see that plastic coat has been layed on the ground surface to ensure that weeds and plants do not grow through the spaces.

The rock garden can be enhanced with well placed planting and foliage, garden ornaments and statuettes, wooden stumps and various interesting features. Larger rocks for effect also work well and can be possibly used as seating.

thailand rockery There are thousands of different looks and styles which can be used effectively within both formal or more natural backgrounds. Larger rock gardens should be made to look expansive, flowing, and as natural as possible. Within smaller nooks and spaces, a well designed rock garden can be just as visually effective, as has the added bonus of being low maintenance.

When designing a rock garden, attention should be paid to the colour combinations of the rock, any brickwork or seating, and plants. To ensure that the rock garden really leaves a pleasant visual impact, ensure that the colours used work well with the surrounding landscape.

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