Brick Terrace and Thai Rock Garden

This part of a Thai garden was in dire need of rescuing.

thailand terrace in red brick

The owner had desires of building a small terrace and rock garden within the space. However, he struggled to find the time, and gradually this part of the garden became somewhat of a day-to-day eyesore. They decided to bite the bullet, and call Thai Garden Design, to take the responsibility out of their hands.

thai garden design and construction

Thai Garden Design fixed the space within 2 days. No longer an eye sore, the team cleaned up the whole area, replacing the previous dirt floor with a tasteful brick terrace and seating.

New wooden borders were created, giving shape, and a Thai rock garden was designed and installed around the edges, complete with planting, pots, clay and wooden ornaments, and a large tree stump, ensuring that this part of the garden is one that will please all who visit.

Do you have big plans for your Thai garden, but struggle to find the time to complete the various bits and pieces? Email for a hand.

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