Replacing Wooden Decking in Thailand

replacing wooden decking thailand

A client in Thailand had an aging wooden deck terrace which had gradually tired over the years. The combination of hot and wet weather can serious damage wooden structures outdoors, and so it is imperative that all new wooden decking be constructed using the appropriate wood and foundations (contact Pornchai Garden for more information).

The owners decided that they wanted to install something more durable, so Pornchai Garden removed the existing decking and replaced it with a new sandwash style concrete finish, laid on top of a deep concrete foundation. The team also incorporated a decorative coloured ceramic tile design, and created some attractive mosaic fish patterns on the top layer.

terrace fitters and designers thailand

The client was pleased with their new terrace, and can be sure that it will look good for many years.

Pornchai Garden are the experts at laying durable, long-lasting wooden decking, and all other popular terrace designs. If you own a garden in Thailand and are looking for a long term landscaping partner and professional gardening team, contact the experts here at Pornchai Garden.

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