Traditional Thai Gardens for Shops and Businesses

In this example below, the shopfront of this fledgling business in Hua Hin needed a lift, in order to attract customers and new business into the premises.

bare garden hua hin thailand

The Thai Garden Design team moved in and transformed the shop frontage into a welcoming traditional Thai garden, complete with all the important elements – natural materials, water, bright colours, and a selection of low maintenance plants.

bangkok garden company

The new garden is a great invitation to all those that pass the business. Foot traffic are attracted by the gentle sound of the flowing water, and those in cars can't help but glance over at the bright colours and foliage provided by the tropical planting scheme.

thai gardens

Once inside, the meandering pathways lead to various points of interest, and different nooks, that all vistors enjoy. The customers can easily sit and relax, allowing the business owners or sales staff to talk and book new business within a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

garden designer thailand

If your shop front or business in Thailand is a little old, tired, or could just do with 'freshening up', then why not breathe some life back into it? Contact [email protected] to enhance your front of house and improve sales across your whole business.

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