Renewing Pool Filter Plastic

Do you have one of those old school plastic pool filters? The ones that, after a little time, become discoloured, and generally old looking, making your nice pool look a little ‘tatty’. (see picture below)

pool filter plastic

Well if you own a similar old looking pool filter, there’s good news. You can make your pool look a hundred times better by replacing these old plastic filters with some polished pebbles, courtesy of Thai Garden Design. Unlike the more rustic, porous type of pebbles, ‘glazed’ or ‘polished’ pebbles are waterproof, and will not discolour or darken over time or in the presence of constant water.

pool filter polished pebbles

So what are you waiting for? Contact Thai Garden Design, and we”ll come round and give your pool a much needed facelift and nicer finish.

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