Dry Stream Garden – Bangkok

This Bangkok home was at the stage where renovations inside were being finalized, and the couple were soon to be returning to Thailand. A nice garden was the final thing on the list, and so the team came up with a garden plan which took into account the customers wish for a low maintenance garden where they didn't have to constantly tend to plants and garden grass.

dry stream garden bangkok

Initially, the couple preferred the idea of a meandering stream; but finally opted to install a 'dry stream,' which curved from one end of the space to the other, along with tropical plants, patterns made with rocks and pebbles, ornamental lighting, and real wooden sleepers.

tropical gardens in bangkok

The rock and stone areas have an underlay installed, to keep weeds from penetrating up through into the garden. The new design has transformed the once dull space into an exciting area with lots of colour and various plant foliage, helping to attract birds and butterfly's.

tropical rock gardens

The couple were very happy with the final results, and can now enjoy sitting outside on their tiled terrace within an attractive, vibrant setting.

tropical garden design and landscaping

If your garden in Thailand needs good design ideas, inspiration and a professional design and installation team, contact Thai Garden Design.

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