Pond and Rock Waterfall for Rayong Garden

This waterfall and pond construction were completed at an Expat home in Rayong, Chonburi. The garden was located at the base of a slope and suffered from water logging and bad drainage, leaving the main body of grass wet and soggy during the wetter periods. The owner decided to turn the garden into a large curved pond, with natural rock waterfall, filter system and decking, so he and his family had a nice feature to look at during the evening.

waterfall pond chonburi thailand

(Picture above: A member of the Thai Garden Design Team puts the finishing touches to the waterfall) The team also installed drains running around the pond, so water didn't have a chance to collect in these areas and was quickly evacuated into the perimeter drains.

koi pond filter thailand

The filter system included two chambers of filter medium and a UV light filter to ensure the clarity of the pond. This UV filtered water was connected to one of the owners existing dragon statue features, which spouted the water from it's mouth (see picture below).

water feature and decking thailand

(Picture above: The finished pond, being filled with water) A modern style deck was constructed around the front of the pond, offering nice places to sit as well as hiding the filter, and the garden is finished in multiple coloured stones and pebbles around the outside.

If you're looking for a pond design and installation team, contact Thai Garden Design.

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