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Thai Garden Design recently partnered with an expatriate home builder in Hua Hin who had designed and constructed a large home in the area. Towards the end of the build, the earth levels needed to be seriously raised in order to make the home accessible via several terraces and walkways. The team organised the supply, delivery and installation of the all the earth (different types depending on the requirements) for all areas.

soil and grass thailand

Once the levels were correct, a full automatic sprinkler system was installed throughout the grounds to cover all trees and garden areas (across 2,500 SQM). This was linked to the home owners own rain water tank, which was part of the home construction.


(Picture above: All the excess earth has been redistributed and ground prepared and grassed) The areas was then completely grassed by the landscaping team of Thai Garden Design, who prepared the ground appropriately beforehand.

landscaping hua hin

(picture above: The earth levels needed to be raised to meet this pool deck) Another dramatic transformation by the team at Thai Garden Design.

grass and landscaping hua hin

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