New Workshop Shed for Behind Car Port – Bangkok

The Thai Garden Design team recently built this new brick and redwood cladded shed / work shop for an existing customer in the Central area of Bangkok. The carport, which sat a few metres from the boundary wall, would be extended to as far as the boundary wall, with slanted roof, windows and doors at either end, making use of this space for storage.

cladded shed bangkok thailand

The shed came with a neatly tiled floor, and interior wooden cladding, inside lighting and switches, plus internal fans. In total the space exceeds 20 sqm under roof cover, so a substantial storage space, often lacking in Thai houses.

garden shed bangkok

The entire build took approximately 3 weeks, finished job.

thai garden buildings

The owner now has an attractive space to house tools, and the team are in talks with him about designing and installing a series of work benches and shelves, turning the space into a workshop.

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