Tall Bamboo Wall for Hotel Grounds (to increase Privacy)

The Thai Garden Design team are currently involved in a landscape development project for a new boutique hotel being renovated in the heart of Sukhumvit, Bangkok. The first task is to create a 7.0m tall bamboo screen, to block out tall neighbouring buildings and increase privacy into the hotel’s courtyard. The bamboo is mounted on a metallic non-rust frame, bolted, and lifted 50cm to give access to the perimeter drain.

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(Picture above: The windows above the existing slatted fence were a problem). The thick bamboo is coated in UV protective paint, and with regular coating will continue to look good for many years. The team have a planting planned for the front of the wall, to increase colour and foliage… Creeper plants, trained along the bottom, will in time climb and beautify this new magnificent screening wall.

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The neighbouring buildings and their windows are now screened off and the inside of the hotel is now completely private, adding to it’s exclusivity and overall comfort for residents and staff. If you need landscape solutions in Thailand, you are in the right place! Contact the Thai Garden Design team today.

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