New Fake Grass Lawn for Family Garden in Bangkok

The Thai Garden Design team recently installed this artificial grass lawn for a family side garden at a popular housing estate in Central Bangkok. The owner was frustrated with the constant patchy and muddy grass, which was left un-usuable after the heavy rains of late. He contacted the team to discuss options, and after some consideration decided on an artificial grass lawn.

fake grass lawn bangkok

(Picture above left: Before. Above right: After team had finished). The team started by removing the existing lawn and excavating down, so they could install a tough compacted gravel base or around 3 inches (see picture below). All side brickwork and stones we aligned just as before.

foundation for artificial grass thailand

Once the foundation was installed, the grass was sourced and rolled out across the new surface, where it was attached with stakes and glued. The grass was finally weighed down with silica sand, which was spread across the surface.

artificial play area for kids

Now the family have a new lawn that doesn’t deteriorate or go muddy during rainfall, or dry out in the hot season. There is no need to cut the grass, or fertilize and water. It will remain the same for many years to come, virtually maintenance free! If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact the team here.

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