Large Trees Delivered and Installed at your Garden Landscape in Thailand

Thai Garden Design can provide information, selection, source, deliver and install trees of all sizes to your home, office or condo landscape anywhere in Thailand. In this latest example, a large condo building located in Central Bangkok required a replacement tree at the front of their building. The previous tree had been already swapped twice, and the owners were worried that there was some underlying problem as the two previous trees had expired.

tree delivery thailand

The team helped the condo committee select a tree at a suitable budget, and confirmed the size (7.0m tall). The team also agreed to remove the old tree at the same time. A date and time was agreed and once the job was underway it was completed properly in just one hour.

large tree installation thailand bangkok

The team discovered that the previous tree has died as it had been supplied without a properly prepared root ball, and had been dug in too deep, so the tree had struggled to breathe.

new trees bangkok

The new tree was properly installed, and the area is much improved now the dead tree has been removed. For painless, efficient and cost effective tree delivery and removal, contact Thai Garden Design.

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