Maile-scented fern (Phymatosorus grossus)

The fronds of this stylish, non-flowering ornamental fern are typically glossy, dark to bright green, and oval to oblong in shape. They do well in filtered light / partial shade, and in the right environments can grow to nearly one meter (3 feet) in height.

Maile-scented fern thailand

Maile-scented fern (Musk fern, Wart fern) grow in abundance in Thailand, and are commonly used as feature plants or as distinctive ground covers. They are generally robust, and can survive on rock faces and on trees.

It's most common name 'Maile-scented fern' comes from the fact the crushed leaves have a pleasant Maile (vanilla-like) fragrance. To order tropical plants to your residence in Thailand, visit our tropical plant catalogue here.

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