Balcony Garden Designs & Installations

Thai Garden Design produce award-winning balcony garden designs, perfect for your outdoor balcony space, and can include all elements such as:

► Decking / Terrace Designs / Stone & Rock Gardens

► Water features

► Low maintenance planting plans

► Hanging gardens

► Sprinkler systems


Reasons you might like to improve your Balcony Garden

► Low maintenance planting plans for minimal upkeep

► Bespoke designs to ensure you can really relax and enjoy your balcony

► Make the most of all available space and views

► Tell us your budget! We will design gardens to match it

► Thai Garden Design can design, cost and install your Balcony Garden, from start to finish


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All balcony and domestic gardens can be fully planned and designed by our team beforehand, so you know exactly what is included, and what you can expect. Contact Thai Garden Design for more information. 



Let us help you to decorate your Thai garden. Browse some of our wonderful Thai garden features here.



Pebbles and Rock

Pebbles & Rock



Plants and Trees

Plants & Trees

Garden Art

Garden Art

Palm Gate