Improved Garden Pathways & Planting

Maybe you don't need a whole re-design of your garden, just a bit of help with a tidy up, clean up or refresh of new tropical planting. Thai Garden Design are happy to help. In this example, a professional living in Bangkok wanted to improve the rented house he was living in. Rather than spend lots of money on a whole new concept, he just wanted to improve general access around his pond area and clean up the planting so it all looked more attractive for when he had guests, or hosted parties. 

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Over time the garden beds had become out of control, or bare zones of hard earth. Due to the shade levels in certain parts of the garden, the Thai Garden Design team recommended pebbles beds, and shade planting that would look better and succeed in improving the garden with minimal maintenance.

thailand tropical garden plans

This home garden was greatly improved with just some simple changes that cleaned up the access and turned dull areas into planted zones of various foliage and colour. 

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If you're not satisfied with your garden in Thailand, change it! Contact Thai Garden Design for simple, cost effective tropical garden solutions

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