Artificial Turf around your Pool

Considering a new pool for your garden? Have you considered what will you use for the surrounding garden?

artificial turf bangkok

A British expat in Bangkok recently contacted us at TGD, inquiring about having an artificial turf lawn installed around their new pool in their garden in Bangkok. The pool had just been put in, and the owner was reluctant to have real grass due to it’s upkeep, and so wanted a nice fresh, low maintenance artificial lawn around the pool, where the kids can easily jump in and out, without getting their feet muddy.

thailand artificial grass lawn

The team began by installing a drainage course after first removing the appropriate amount of earth. The drainage course was shuttered off and concrete sides were built to the same level as the drive, the course was compacted, and the new artificial lawn was laid, glued and staked in place.

grass bangkok

The result is a great looking, fine green lawn, that doesn’t require any mowing or fertilization. It won’t get brown patches, or hard ugly areas. You can sit on it, kick a football on it, play cricket on it, picnic on it, and all without getting your feet dirty or wet.

thailand garden grass

We love real grass here at Thai Garden Design, but if you are considering the lower maintenance stuff, contact us for a chat about your options.

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