Tropical Balcony Garden in Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai Garden Design team recently designed and built this tropical balcony garden for a new Bangkok resident. The existing balcony was large, measuring around 30m long and the owners wanted to make this usable and enjoyable outdoor space. They asked for a new design which was created, tweaked and agreed over a period of weeks.

Tropical balcony garden in bangkok

Once the design was in place, costings were given and a date was set that was convenient to the owners schedule.

tropical balcony garden in bangkok

(Picture above: The new tropical balcony garden has taken shape) The new balcony design concept was tropical 'jungle style' balcony, for screening and privacy, with as low a maintenance schedule as possible. The plant selection reflected this, and the team got to work on installing the new balcony.

tropical plants balcony thailand

(Picture above: One of the views from inside of the apartment) The new garden design has transformed this once sad looking balcony into an oasis of privacy and colour, and which can now be fully enjoyed by the owners.

bangkok balcony designer

Another important aspect was a place for the owners dog to use the toilet, and so a drainage course was installed, with a good quality artificial turf laid over the top (picture above). Bamboo screens were also erected at both ends of the balcony, giving further privacy from the neighbours.

landscaping balcony gardens

If you're wanting to design and improve your balcony space in Thailand, contact the professionals at Thai Garden Design, who will help you plan, budget and install it, from start to finish.

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