New Courtyard for Domestic Thai Garden

thailand courtyard garden

Thai Garden Design arrived at a house plot that had been generally used as a dumping ground for the builders during renovations to a sprawling home in Bangkok. The house was several generations old, and consisted of three main buildings, with an adjoining courtyard at the centre.

Rubbish and general builders waste littered around all three buildings and needed to be cleaned up before work could even take place.

The Thai Garden Design team firstly tackled all the rubbish and removed from site, and then began with the landscaping, which involved re-using a lot of the customers existing earth and forming a sloping centre piece garden that would be turfed and re-planted.

Work took place over around 10 days and the resulting transformation drew gasps from visitors who had become familiar with the garden 'how it was'.

thailand garden courtyard

Several areas were planted and landscaped, and these will be covered in later posts.

garden landscaping in thailand bangkok

Now the courtyard, once the place to throw rubbish, has become a joy, and the tall shade trees ensure that it is now a cool and pleasant place to spend time. Once somewhere that was an eyesore, now the transformation has proven it to be an essential part of this home.

bangkok gardens

If your garden in Thailand has become the victim of wild builders who abuse garden space, then you can call us at Thai Garden Design, we'll swing by and sort it out for you, no hassles. Contact Thai Garden Design at the contact page here.

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  1. Thai and Japanese Gardens have always fascinated me. I would love to be able to more of them in my work. You did an incredible job turning that space around!

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