Modern Water Wall, Raised Teak Deck & Family Garden

Thai Garden Design helped design and install this elaborate golden teak deck and pergola for a couple residing in Bangkok, who wanted to extend their home into the garden, seamlessly, and with some timeless modern features (photo album here).

waterwall garden before

The main focus of the garden, beside the beauty of the teak wood, is the contemporary style waterwall at the far side of the plot. The theme drew inspiration from the interior of the home, and was a completely bespoke design, having been imagined by the owner, but brought into life by the Thai Garden Design team.

teak deck thailand

The space is completely functional, and practical for use of a young family; all elements have children in mind, from crossing over from the patio doors of the home into the garden (onto the raised deck, no tripping or falling hazards), and with protective shade offered up by the pergola.

modern water features bangkok

The basin of the waterwall feature is low depth, and the uplights have guards on the lights themselves to stop small fingers from prying inside. All electrical switches are housed within an outdoor junction box.

teak decking thailand bangkok

The deck and pergola, golden teak, are of top quality. They are coated with teak oil and are constructed on top of a thick concrete slab, for stability and longevity. If you are requiring your new garden landscaped in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design.

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