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Whether you’re planning, building or have finished your new home in Pattaya, it’s a good idea to contact a landscaping contractor in Pattaya to help you design and install your dream garden. 

building a home in pattaya thailand
This garden would be a challenge for the team !

Many Expats and Thai’s tend to overlook the garden, but as can be seen from this earlier post, a new garden can make a huge difference.

beatiful tropical thailand gardens
Wow, a masterpiece and huge change by Thai Garden Design

Many builders offer landscape as part of their package, but they often don’t know the best plants, have boring or straightforward garden design ideas, or lose interest at the end of the build. 

landscape plan pattaya
This detailed plan was amended, but followed to a successful outcome

A decent landscaping contractor in Pattaya will visit the property and can offer garden plans and designs based on your ideas and preferences.

landscape plans and designs thailand
Wow views of the garden, from all angles

In this example, the owner wasn’t interested in having the same garden as everyone else on the estate, he wanted linkage between the house and pool, a unique planting plan with low maintenance shrubs and palms, plus great views from all interior sitting areas and viewing spots.

new modern garden designs
This home has a unique garden, with all viewing points from inside covered

The design was put together over a series of months whilst the build progressed. By the time it was appropriate to tackle the landscaping, the design had been through several amendments, and was ready to install. The garden also came with a fully automated sprinkler system, by Hunter Technologies

planting plans and garden designs
Main view from the terrace of the entrance door and carport

Consisting of new topsoil, malaysia grass, an array of tropical palms, shrubs and ground covers, and a smooth slate granite pathway, the team put together the garden using the design, and it was therefore quick, seamless, and without the need for the owner to be on site. 

If you’re planning a home in Pattaya, or indeed in any part of Thailand, then get in touch with us here at Thai Garden Design so we can bring your dream garden into reality. 


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