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This recent project was undertaken at Baan Chaopraya Condominium, on the banks of the Chaopraya river in Bangkok. The committee at this impressive condominium building had been searching for a garden company for Bangkok condominiums, and came across our diverse services here at Thai Garden Design

garden company bangkok thailand
What a mess!

The sides of the condominium had several issues.

bangkok garden designs and tropical plants
A not very nice view, down the side of this large building …

The first was the new building next door was much taller, towering over Baan Chaopraya, and therefore creating a lot of shade. In key areas trees had to be selected that would survive and do well in these light levels. 

thailand tropical plant designer
New plants and trees are put into positon and spaced appropriately

Also, many parts of the side of building had been used as a bit of a dumping ground for the staff; this all needed clearing, and with new soil brought in to ensure all new trees and plants were off to a good start.

thai garden design team
Team positioning and re-locating trees around the compound

Trees included in the final selection were – green bamboo, sourced at 4m height, macarther palms and Saraca asoca (the ashoka tree). 

thailand tropical plant designer
New plants and trees are put into positon and spaced appropriately

All these trees were chosen because, over time, they would grow and spread, creating green walls at key sections of the building, blocking ugly buildings that lay beyond the condo walls. 

tropical garden designs bangkok
Neat, with varying foliage. A hugely improved garden design

Other areas had an abundance of pots and planting trees, which were carefully removed, and re-located to other parts of the building that were important viewing points or where visitors may congregate. 

bangkok plant designer
A lovely row of tropical palms trees now decorate this walkway

The new trees have transformed these areas, gaining praise from the residents, who have stunning new views of these great looking tropical trees. 

tropical macarther palms
Macarthur palms now decorate the walkways and look fantastic

If your residence, condominium, business or office space could do with a new garden plan, landscape design, or new tropical plants and trees, then you’ve come to the right place. Talk to us here at Thai Garden Design, we are the number one Garden Company for Bangkok Condominiums.


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