Artificial Plants for Offices in Bangkok

Looking for artificial plants for offices in Bangkok? The Thai Garden Design team recently partnered with ‘The Urban Office‘ in Sukhumvit, to make their office workspace a vibrant and relaxing place to be.

tropical office plants bangkok
A great comparison shot, offices plus the tropics !

Sometimes, real plants are not an option. In this example, the managers at The Urban Office wanted their inner office space to be as green as possible.

tropical plant designer bangkok thailand
Cool colours and design, by the Thai Garden Design team

Central columns running through the center of the space were to be decorated in lush green, tropical designs

professional landscaping bangkok
Team make up the supporting frames, professional design

However as watering within the office areas is not viable, Thai Garden Design advised the company to decorate with an array of tropical artificial plants, that are zero maintenance.

fake plants bangkok offices
Amazing displays are possible

When done well and with a professional design team, these artificial plant designs can look quite breathtaking, and at a glance are very real to onlookers. Green space is always better than dull, grey office interiors. 

artificial plant designer
This green columns sets a relaxing tone throughout the workspace

The result is these artificial plants for offices in Bangkok have completely transformed the interior of this new office into a bright, relaxing and unique space, one that’s fun for the workers and a nicer place to spend your time. 

bangkok office design tropical plants
Amazing effects and designs for your office

If you have an office, or are developing a restaurant, coffee shop, spa, business residence or anything similar, and are looking to brighten up the environment for your workers or customers, then maybe artificial plants are the best way forward!

Contact Thai Garden Design, for more information about how we can help you to improve your workspace in Bangkok. We can design and install award-winning garden designs for both home and office. 


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