Design your Bangkok Garden

Thai Garden Design just helped this Bangkok couple renew their tropical garden. The owners have moved into a rental property, and look to stay for a number of years. If you need assistance to design your Bangkok Garden, then you’re at the right website. 

garden installation landscaping
This garden was in need of professional help

Not wanting to break the bank, they just wanted a nice garden to enjoy. The design team visited and discussed options.

garden edging thailand
This cool new garden edging is easy to install and good looking

One requirement was a nice water pot feature, which the team designed and installed with a trough below the ground level, covered with pebbles. The water recirculates from trough to the top, with the water disappearing into the pebbles. The owners were thrilled with the results.

amazing tropical gardens
Wow transformation

Other changes were additional tropical plants, new soil and grass, and general reorganization of existing pots and plants.

landscaping in bangkok
The garden is transformed and looking amazing

If you’re looking at your garden in Bangkok and know it could be nicer, then don’t hesitate. Contact us now for an appointment. We will come take a look and help you to Design your Bangkok Garden !


Let us help you to decorate your Thai garden. Browse some of our wonderful Thai garden features here.



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