Landscape Designs for Restaurants in Thailand

Thai Garden Design just finished this new garden at Le Lua resort in the mountains of Hua Hin. The team have a proven track record of building award winning Landscape Designs for Restaurants in Thailand.

garden designs for restaurants
The original land is dusty, flat and sun baked …

The planning phase took several days with the committee of the resort, understanding the requirements. The design team supplied different proposals (the final design shown below). Once agreement was reached the team went ahead with the installation.

garden design and planning
Wow. Amazing landscaped gardens for restaurants and cafes

A variety of trees and foliage were included, which would provide all year round greenery, with low maintenance.

thailand garden plans
The trees have been installed, with the rest of the garden underway

3 meter tall Carnauba wax palms are dotted between the two buildings, with sago palms, pink oleander and tropical fan palms breaking up a pathway of river pebbles and random cut pavers. 

tropical garden designs hua hin
The final garden is completed and visitors to the new restaurant have a nice view

Immediately viewable from a new restaurant at the resort, it was important to have a nice view for the patrons. 

landscape plan garden design
The plan was agreed by the committee and executed by Thai Garden Design

The new garden is an outstanding new element of the resort, and is the talking point of the new restaurant. Many of the residents come to enjoy the food and the new views available to them.

Tropical Landscape Gardening
An amazing tropical setting …

If you are in Thailand and are looking for a reliable, efficient, fast and professional landscaping partner, perhaps you need Landscape Designs for Restaurants in Thailand – then look no further. Contact Thai Garden Design for a consultation about your ideas today


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