A New Garden Will Help to Sell Your Home in Thailand

Take a look at this complete garden transformation at a popular estate in the hills of Hua Hin. This example is great evidence that a new garden will help to sell your Home in Thailand. 

garden plans and designs hua hin
A tired, old and worn garden is not a nice welcome for visitors

Thai Garden Design received a call from a long term expat, who was sad that his home in Hua Hin was looking shabby, mainly due to the garden being an eye-sore. Bad grass, unkept plants, grubby pebbles and walkways all meant the house didn’t look even close to it’s best. 

stunning garden homes in thailand
A total transformation. It’s like a different house …

The team recommended some simple solutions – new soil and lawn grass, new ground covers, shrubs and walking pavers. Repaint the pergola, and clean the terraces, paint the plant pots. The result can be seen in the pictures. 

pergola designs hua hin thailand
The view from the refreshed pergola is much more pleasant

This home now looks brand new, with shiny, clean terraces, trimmed and pruned shrubs and palms, vibrant green lawn, sharp and eye catching foliage and paving stones. 

garden plants and trees in thailand
Stunning foliage and pool shot, a total transformation here

The plant list is a strong mix of low maintenance shrubs, ground covers and palms, bright coloured crotons and red gingers, cordylines and bromiliads add colour amongst the evergreen blades of heliconia and strelitzia bird of paradise. Areca palms and lipstick palms give height and depth. 

jacuzzi garden design thailand
Stunning new Jacuzzi garden area

The team ensured that all viewing areas, from terraces, pool and jacuzzi, all had unique and interesting views. 

before and after for house garden walkway
The grass was struggling and very difficult when wet. The new gravel is much easier to traverse

All the back pathways, which were patchy, half dead grass, sandy, overgrown and hard to walk down, were cleaned up, bordered with a brick edge and infilled with gravel, on top of a compacted gravel base (to ensure grass and weeds will not succeed in growing through). 

tropical garden landscape hua hin thailand
Amazing new entrance has changed the face of this family home

The final garden is a lovely mix of materials, shrubs and palms, decorating different spaces around the home. A complete transformation, and clear evidence that a new garden will help to sell your home in Thailand. 

If you’re interested in improving your garden in Thailand, talk to the tropical garden experts here at Thai Garden Design.


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